Friday, 23 February 2018

Balancing work and study

Maybe you are one of the many who desire to pursue your interest in study and further your career prospects. Inevitably, you will be burdened with the twin responsibility of holding a job and doing study at the same time.

You take a job to support your education. You pursue education in order to enhance your knowledge and career prospects. Work assists study and study will bear fruit in the form of a more respectable career.
However, the downside is that daytime is usually your most productive time not only for your work but also for your study. Furthermore, the rest of the day is to be apportioned between your family, friends, workout, entertainment etc.

There are for sure several online programs and jobs that you can do sitting in the comfort of your home. Working/studying from home has become a great option for several people because it is convenient and effective.

Nevertheless, it is a great challenge and a vital need to balance your work and study and other demands of life. Here are few ideas for achieving that feat.

1. Prioritize what is important ‘now’, this moment

It is important to be clear about your priorities on a minute-to-minute basis. Say, you have to choose between a test that counts towards your final score and a lucrative online job you have to take immediately. You need to find the balance by prioritizing what is more important at that given moment. Explore ways of taking the other subsequently.

2. Time management

It is going to be very hard for you if you do not manage your time. It is necessary to have a proper plan of what should be completed in what order, when, and how, and what can be ignored as unimportant. Without such a preparation, you may cause yourself avoidable stress and allow everything to suffer. Make sure that you draw a clear plan, construct an effective schedule and execute a firm follow-up. Avoid wasting time, but take short refreshing breaks.

3. Never bite off more than you can chew
When balancing between work and study, never ever take on overconfidently more than what you can probably accomplish. Be realistic about your own potentials, efforts and circumstances.

4. Multitasking blues

It’s rather tempting to attempt multitasking, when you find that you have too many things to do – for example, form ideas for an assignment, peel potatoes, soothe your crying baby, respond to your spouse’s query and think about handling a brewing crisis in the workplace the following day. It will indeed be great if you can achieve them all.

Almost invariably, you find that the multitasking you have done leaves you nowhere near what you wanted to accomplish. Had you attempted single tasking, you would have accomplished much more. Thus, the age-old dictum of one thing at a time is sure to stand you in good stead; right sequencing and single-minded completion will help you achieve the right balance.

5. Stay Organized

Begin by organizing your life and study/work space. If you spend, even a few minutes every day, looking for a pencil or a book or a file, it will only be a wasting of much precious time. Ensure that all your things are where they should be for more effective balancing of work and study.

Lastly, make sure you manage stress effectively by keeping good health. Take out time to sleep well and do your regular workout. Eat healthy and stick to a balanced diet for the optimal function of your body and mind. These ideas with just a little effort will help you balance your work and study successfully.