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How Do Early Childhood Educators Impact Children’s Emotional Development?

Research has shown that early childhood is the time when most of a child’s emotional and social development takes place. Every experience that a child goes through at this stage shapes and molds them into the adults that they will become.

How Do Early Childhood Educators Impact Children’s Emotional Development?

Development of Socio-Emotional Skills in Early Childhood

There are a range of emotions that children experience during their early years. They include the following.


Temper tantrums are common among toddlers. This is the time they learn more about their own emotions. They try to push their boundaries and can have very intense outbursts if things don’t go their way. Disciplining with a kind but firm attitude can help early childhood educators manage a child’s emotional outbursts.


Jealousy is a common trait, especially in only children. This can manifest as jealousy against later-born siblings, other children, pets and even parents. Toddlers can form very strong attachments and can often be clingy and have separation anxiety. This can be especially difficult when it is time to attend school or when they have to be left with caregivers. Building trust and having a balanced and safe early educational environment can alleviate these emotions.

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Often, toddlers can be very possessive and find it difficult to share. They may have emotional outbursts and violent altercations in school and in the playground. The early childhood educator needs to be patient and skillful to make a positive change in the child’s behavior.

Importance of Understanding Child’s Emotional Development

Learning to get along with other children is an essential skill, which many children naturally possess. In some children, however, bad behavior may have to be unlearnt before good behavior can be inculcated. An experienced early childhood educator will know how to handle this.

That is why understanding a child’s emotional development is an important and essential part of an ECE curriculum. These days, it is possible to join a comprehensive Early Childhood Education program online to kickstart a new career or advance your existing one.