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Why Is Social Development an Important Part of Early Education?

What Is Social Development?

Social development is the way people interact with one another. It is the way we develop our individuality as a person and as a part of the community. It refers to the skill set involved in communicating and sharing with the society. The ability to interact successfully with others is important to make us a well-adjusted part of society.

Why Is Social Development an Important Part of Early Education?

Social Development in Early Childhood

Children learn from their surroundings, their elders, their peers and their communities. Social interaction is an important part of development. These days, learning institutions place as much emphasis on social development as they do on academics and testing. Early childhood social development has become an important part of early childhood education.

Benefits of Well-Developed Social Skills in Children

Communication: Well developed social skills prepare children for healthier interactions as adults. It develops empathy and kindness towards others and helps express personal needs and feelings.

Self-Awareness: It helps in developing self-awareness as an individual and as a responsible member of society. It also helps in developing good manners and values as children watch and learn from their community. It helps in developing control over one’s thoughts and behaviour.

Relationships: It helps in decision making and strategic skills as children learn to make healthy choices and weigh how their decisions affect others. It helps in managing disagreements, recognizing peer pressure and develops the skills needed to make friends and to cooperate with others.

Increases Potential – Children who are socially well developed have a better academic record, fewer behavioural problems, less emotional distress and do better as adults.

An Important Part of a Learning Program

Early childhood social development is an important part of an early learning program. Aspiring teachers need to not only impart knowledge in creative and inspiring ways but they should also be able to help children become more socially adept as this will help them reach their full potential and become confident and responsible contributors to society.