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Child Care Center Director - Qualification and Responsibilities

In continuation with our series on the career opportunities available after getting an ECE certification, this article takes an overview at what a career as a childcare center director would entail.

Child Care Center Director - Qualification and Responsibilities

Job Opportunities


Any kind of educational institution requires an administrator. A child care director can act as the administrator for daycare centers, preschools and other types of child care centers. Often, these centers choose educators from their own staff and promote them to center directors, but it is not uncommon to take in an outsider for the post. With the abundance of educational institutions for the early years, job opportunities are many.


Job Profile


The responsibilities of a childcare center director would include most of the following:

  •         Day to day administrative tasks
  •         Training and supervision of staff
  •         Setting objectives and regulations for the centers
  •         Communicating with parents
  •         Record keeping and budget preparation
  •         Counseling and evaluation of staff
  •         Curriculum improvement
  •         Implementation of new learning programs
  •         Annual events like sports, annual day and other celebrations
  •         Regular monitoring of children’s progress
  •         Hygiene and upkeep of school premises


Apart from this, a childcare director is usually the official face of the school and would be expected to represent the school in any way necessary. It is their job to enhance the look and ensure the success of the center.

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Childcare center directors earn an average salary of $44,000 and the pay will depend, more or less, on how large or well established the center is. The top 10 percent may make as much as $85,000 a year.


In conclusion, if you are interested in becoming an educator, getting an ECE certificate opens up lucrative opportunities and is a stepping stone towards reaching the position of a childcare center director.