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Ways to Keep Your Little One Engaged at Home

Even on a normal holiday, it is tough to keep children engaged at home. In these trying times, with both parents working from home, it is necessary to find activities for children which will keep them occupied without parents’ intervention. Here are some ways to keep your kids entertained and to stay sane!

Ways to Keep Your Little One Engaged at Home

Set a Routine

Staying at home can feel like a holiday and children are used to doing what they feel like while on holiday. It is important to draw a schedule for adults as well as children to ensure that there is a routine to follow every day. This helps in creating order and maintaining discipline.

Make Them Take Part in Your Daily Routine

Children feel important when they are given adult tasks. Give them a list of things to do when dividing tasks among the household. It could be simple things that can be done alongside the parent like loading the wash, raking the leaves or dusting the house; these activities will keep the kids busy and will make them feel like they are doing something worthwhile by helping the parent.

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Have a Cooking Corner

If the children are bothering you while you struggle to get the cooking done, you can make a little corner for them to try their hand at it. Give them recipes that are not too messy like making sandwiches. Make sure that you place a paper or plastic sheet under their space and you can clean up that area when you are wiping down the kitchen.

Create a Game Box

If you have work to do and cannot keep an eye on the children, you can create a game box for them. The box could contain a number of different activities which could include games that the children can play on their own, colouring pages and crayons, building blocks, interactive story books, etc. It will keep them occupied for quite a while. You can change the items in the box everyday to keep them interested.

Love, patience and understanding are very important in these stressful times, towards each other, towards our children and towards society. Stay safe!