Tuesday, 26 February 2013

What does it take to be a preschool teacher in California?

Being an early childhood educator is not just about reading stories and playing classroom games. It is a very specialized profession and in the state of California the government has laid down specific standards that needs to be met by all those engages in the teaching profession. The California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP) (2009) lists a set of standards that must be met by all those involved in education, including preschool teachers. 

These are:

Standard  1: Engaging and Supporting All Students in Learning
Standard 2: Creating and Maintaining Effective Environments for Student Learning
Standard 3: Understanding and Organizing Subject Matter for Student Learning
Standard 4: Planning Instruction and Designing Learning Experiences for All Students
Standard 5: Assessing Students for Learning
Standard 6: Developing as a Professional Educator 

This many sound very complex and put off many who are considering a career as an early childhood educator. But with the right training, meeting these standards is not difficult. And by doing so, a successful career is assured. California College of Early Childhood Education is highly reputed for the early childhood education programs and training it offers. Clicking on http://www.californiacollegeofece.com/ or calling (855) 345-1555 (toll free) will start you on the road to a successful career in children’s daycare.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The things a preschool teacher's day revolves around

Unlike those who teach older children, preschool teachers do not try to impart knowledge to the children they teach. The focus of early childhood education is on molding children into people that have the character and interest to succeed in their later education. To achieve this an early childhood educator needs to focus not on what the children learn in the class but rather on what kind of children they will grow up to be. To do this the preschool teacher will have to focus more on the developmental needs of the children than would middle or high school teachers.

In order to do this a preschool teacher’s day revolves around exercises and learning that are specifically designed for young children. These include math skills enhancement, language development, physical exercise, developing social skills and much more. The preschool teacher’s day is spent creating budding awareness and instilling values. To be able to do this successfully, those involved in children’s day care need to be equipped with the proper training and tools and among the leading institutes offering early childhood education training is California College of Carly Childhood Education. 

The College has both traditional classroom based programs as well as online courses for those who do not have the time for classroom based instruction.

The College website at http://www.californiacollegeofece.com/ provides detailed information on the courses and study options available. Information can also be obtained by calling (855) 345-1555 (toll free).