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Tips to prepare creative curriculums

A well-devised, creative curriculum paves the way for children toward academic success. It helps enhance preschoolers’ skills and increases their knowledge using creative classroom techniques.

Planning an exciting curriculum is a skill that teachers should have, and the more fun and innovative it is, the more your little students will love coming to school.


Tips to create an innovative curriculum

Make a basic framework

It is easier to make a step-by-step plan for a curriculum by breaking it down into smaller units. If you write down what you would be teaching into daily, weekly and monthly units, you will be able to see the gradation of a concept and tweak it to suit your children’s progress as and when necessary.

Research, research, research

Earlier, when creating activities for toddlers, teachers had to rely solely on their imagination. While this is still encouraged, there are plenty of resources for ideas online, and a curriculum planner should explore the internet to look for unique ways to teach a concept. It can then be adjusted to fit the needs of the classroom within the facilities available.

Use multiple sensory activities

Concepts are abstract and may be hard for a preschooler to understand. It is important to devise activities that use the different senses to see, hear and feel the concept and create multi-sensory understanding of the concept. Each of the activities will add another dimension to the concept which will get imprinted in the child’s mind.

Have fun

The goal of these creative curriculums is not only to make it exciting for children to learn but to make it as fun for teachers to impart knowledge. The activities should be enjoyable but easy for the teacher to implement.

Learn to create an effective curriculum

It becomes essential for teachers and administrators to be able to plan unique and innovative curriculums. That is why ECE programs have an entire module devoted to curriculum planning. There are Preschool Virtual Classes in The Bay Area
for aspiring teachers to get an ECE certification that will help them get a step up in their career.