Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Preparing for a Test: Goodbye to Cramming! Welcome to Positive Habits!

Getting ready for tests relying upon cramming can be very stressful and counterproductive. Instead, with a little patience and intense practice of a few positive skills you can make sure that you achieve the best results. Here are a few tips that should make you give up cramming and embrace confidence-boosting and much more reliable skills.

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Preparing for the test in advance

Careful planning and whole-hearted preparation are the two essential prerequisites for the success of any task. Academic tests are no exception: you need to ensure therefore that you go about these vital prerequisites at the earliest.

Gather all the study materials, work out carefully your strategy and begin your preparation well in advance; focus all your energy and effort on them without wasting a minute.

Putting off everything until the last minute is indeed a very bad habit: self-confidence is a virtue but not over-confidence in your might; you will surely end up ill equipped, and stressed out, opening the door to poor performance.


If you are reading mechanically straight from your course books all the time, you are bound to fall asleep; rather, try something creative. When revising the topics, recognize the areas you should focus on, and reduce the long text into an info graphic – a chart, diagram, or picture. There are more chances of your remembering an image in comparison to a mass of text. A good info graphic is worth a thousand words!

Exploit the advantages of group work

A great way to test your newly acquired knowledge is by studying with your friends in a group. You must make sure you stick with a single topic at one time, and ask one another as many questions as possible from different perspectives.

It is quite possible that the group will have solutions to questions you’ve been searching for, or you may be exposed to a few questions you may not have thought of.

Plan your day

All your preparation will be in vain if you do not sleep properly overnight, and are late for the test. Before the test date arrives, make sure you have ready on hand everything you require, your transportation organized and your timing sorted. Being late or reaching just in time can cause you needless tension, which is not good for your pre-test composure.

Eat and drink right

You should have sufficient stamina to withstand the demands of a test. A big spoon of sugar may sound like a good idea to get instant energy. You are certainly better off consuming a lot of water and eating healthy brain foods.

You would do well to visit the local farmer’s market, where you have plenty of farm-fresh produce packed with more nutrients and available at a cheaper price. Stock your fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables, then go to the supermarket for grains, beans, pasta, and condiments.

With healthy food items sorted out, think about what you're used to drink normally. Most students love coffee, which is fine if had in moderation. A great alternative is drinking green tea; it is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that improve the function of the brain, besides other great benefits.

Drink as well plenty of water all through the day, and eat healthy snacks such as blueberries, nuts, vegetable or bananas with hummus.

With a little patience and concerted effort, you can make the process of preparing for your online exams of a reputed college easy and fun!