Saturday, 27 December 2014

Why do early childhood education programs need professional teachers?

There was a time when early childhood education meant finger painting, coloring and building blocks with mom while watching morning teaching shows. Some kids went to "preschool" while others were left to play at home. It was not until kindergarten that the kids received some formal "how-to" when it came to learning. However, with the increased awareness of how a child’s brain functions and grows, early childhood education and professionalism is being given its due importance.

The significance of having educated and professionally qualified pre-school teachers:

There are several reasons why preschool teachers should undergo professional education before being allowed to teach young children. Here are some of the main benefits:
  1. Professional pre-school teachers help in developing problem solving abilities in kids:
  2. Early childhood programs entail engaging children in learning activities by making them participate in social plays and helping them develop physical, social, and intellectual ways to handle problems. This form of development and engagement is only possible if the teacher has the right training and qualification.
  3. Teaching children the three “R’s”:
  4. While reading, (A)rithmetic and (W)riting are the three main "r's" when children reach grammar school, there are three important "r's" that are just as significant while the students are on their way. These "r's" are readiness, resilience and relationships. Loving relationships offer security and confidence to children. Some kids overcome hurdles better than others. Teaching them to be resilient, helps them succeed in challenges that come their way as they grow older. Readiness for school involves good relationships, good health, and good learning activities. Early childhood educators who have professional training and support in all these areas give their students a boost towards school.
  5. Preschool teachers help in developing healthy parent-child relationships:
  6. Parents play an important role in the development of their child’s personality. Early childhood "professionals" are individuals who offer guidance to parents. They teach them how to stay involved in the lives of their children to make their kids responsible and emotionally secure. Several paths are available to those who want to gear their career towards the under-eight set. Apart from two- and four-year degree courses, professional development is offered by organizations such as California College of Early Education. The association is known to provide a variety of certifications and practical training under qualified mentors. The programs offered by the agency are recognized and suited for both beginners and those seeking to advance their careers as pre-school teachers.  

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