Friday, 22 November 2019

Some Important Rules for Children That Every ECE Teacher Must Teach

Children can only grow and learn if they have freedom. However, child safety is also important. It may sometimes become difficult to handle toddlers if they are not taught restraint. Here are a few things ECE teachers can teach children to keep them safe. 

1. Always Remember Your Address:

Make sure all your students memorize their house address and their guardian’s phone number. They should be able to easily share this information during any emergency. Children have a habit of wandering off. So, it is best to get them to learn important information.

2. Do Not Let Your Students Walk Off Alone

Young children should always have firm boundaries. They should never be allowed to walk off without adult supervision. This rule may change as the child grows but should be strictly implemented when they are young. 

3. Rules About Talking to Strangers

Every child should be taught this basic rule. Never speak to strangers, never get into a car with a stranger and never accept anything from strangers.

4. Stay Put When You are lost 

If a child gets separated from her parents, she must learn to stay put instead of running around hysterically. This will make it easier for the parents to locate her. Children usually get lost in big stores. They must be taught to seek help from a mother with children or from a store assistant.

5. Fire

Children are curious by nature, but they should learn that it is not okay to play with fire. Flammable materials and cigarette lighters should always be kept away from the reach of children. 

6. ClimbingoverFences

Children should know that fences should not be breached. If a child’s ball goes over the boundary, she must be taught not to impulsively climb over the fence to retrieve it but instead should inform an adult. It is dangerous to go over fences. Moreover, you never know what’s across the boundary. 

7. Never Let Anyone Touch You

You must teach your student from a very early age that secret touching is wrong. You do not have to get the point across by making it frightening or too descriptive. Use simple terms and make the child understand that no one has the right to touch her body. Children must also be taught to tell their teachers or parents if such an incident occurs.

8. Putting Personal Information on the Web

Apart from teaching children, the parents must also be advised to refrain from posting too many pictures and personal information of the child online. Criminals can easily track their whereabouts through pictures. 

9. Instinct

Always teach children that if something does not feel right to them, then it probably isn’t. Teach them to trust their instinct and encourage them to not follow their friends blindly. Every human is born with a gut feeling and can know instantly when something is not right. They must be taught to say ‘no’ when they are uncomfortable.

Every ECE teacher must teach these basic safety rules to their students. Apart from explaining these rules, the teachers must also stress on honest and open communication.