Thursday, 23 August 2018

5 Educational Careers: Take your Pick

If there is any career you can count on as fulfilling, it is taking up a job in the education field. Although every industry is vulnerable to financial blues, education has been a stable one for career longevity, stability, and growth. However, are there options available within this industry? Numerous options are available of course that can fit different personalities. Five such possibilities are listed below.

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Early childhood education teacher

If you are good at handling very young kids, the career of an early childhood education (ECE) teacher is the right option for you.

There are so many parents who start early with their children's education; that means there are amazing opportunities for ECE teachers. In fact, there is an expected growth of 19% this year in this particular career. The job implies not only a steady income, but also an opportunity to assist in developing and shaping the education of young kids.

School counselor

If you love helping people, the job of a school counselor is a good career option for you.

Most teachers are busy always with children in the classroom, or grading papers, or developing lesson plans. A school counselor is someone students can turn to if they have problems with peers, in school, or at their home. School counselors play an active role in developing the right programming, evaluating students’ progress, and guiding students when the right things are not happening in school or at home.

School administrator

You are best suited to become a school administrator, if you prefer a leadership role.

There is a lot more to schools than simply preparing ABC's and report cards. A special team of people called school administrators runs the entire show – from hiring teachers to development of educational policies to ensuring security and safety of school. If you have a passion for promoting school education by handling administrative jobs, this is the right career for you.

Special education teacher

If you are inclined towards helping children with special needs, you can become a special education teacher.

Medical breakthroughs and advancements have enabled educators and doctors to diagnose learning disabilities a lot earlier now than during the past. This ensures that students have the help they require from the very early stages. It drives progressively the requirement for teachers dealing in special education. Special education teachers help students who have developmental, mental, emotional and physical challenges with normal learning and doing well in school.

Vocational teacher

If your area of interest is professional skills, you can become a vocational education teacher.

Vocational teachers handle a range of different subjects relating to professional skills – from marketing and business to health and personal finance. They give students the tools and the skills they require for jobs or to start their new business, run health services, seek positions in the corporate sector, etc.

Preparing for a career in education is not such a difficult proposition for anyone. Whether you require an Associate's degree or wish to build a resume by taking up a Master's degree, you can easily pursue online everything you want. A major plus factor is the control over and flexibility of your customized schedule that ensures a degree you want.

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