Monday, 23 July 2018

Building a Career with a Degree in Early Childhood Education

The higher your education, the greater will be your career opportunities. There are several reasons why you should acquire a postgraduate degree in early childhood education. Above all, it helps you understand the intricacies of how young children learn to learn in comparison to other age groups.  The major benefits of a Master’s degree are listed below.

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Greater educational level

It is obvious that a Master's program is higher than a bachelor's. The more crucial aspect is the comprehensiveness of the curriculum of the program; it focuses sharply and deeply on family engagement, child psychology, and other vital related areas.

Working for a Master's degree in early childhood education will expose you to more effective teaching methodologies. You will thus be able to deal with career-specific situations at every stage.

Better career prospects

Most supervisory jobs require a Master’s degree. Such a degree in early childhood education opens many doors to enhance your educational career prospects much further. You may even get opportunities in areas that are outside the field of education, including social work.

Another career choice is government work, such as being part of making educational policies, and the like. Bachelor’s degrees and associate’s degrees are a great step forward and are certainly an excellent starting point. However, Master's is a ‘must’ if you want to scale higher in your career.

Larger variety of options

A degree in early childhood education not only expands your career opportunities, but also makes a big difference in what you do with these prospects. For many educators, it may mean branching out to other areas, such as home schooling children, special education or working within the administration.

Moreover, in a highly competitive scenario, having a master’s degree can offer you a larger variety of options, in comparison to those of your colleagues who do not have one.

Higher range of salary

As per the data available, those who have a bachelor’s or an associate’s degree can earn approximately USD 23,000 to 40,000 annually. In contrast, those with a Master's degree can expect to earn an annual salary of more than USD 60,000.

Since early childhood education is a specialty, it offers several incentives as well. You may not get incentives if you are working for a private school. However, the public education sector has a salary ladder, which states specifically that a graduate degree can enhance your annual salary.

Wider transmission of knowledge

One of the most frequently cited advantages of getting a Master's in early childhood education is the breadth and depth of the knowledge of education that goes with the degree. An educator with a Master’s has a very fulfilling opportunity of transmission to the pupils of the benefits of this in-depth knowledge of education in numerous areas. The strategies, techniques and classroom activities based on the insights of the program will mean a lot to the young kids in shaping their lives.

Many reputed online colleges do offer degrees in early childhood education. It would be best to get in touch with such a college for further details you may need.