Monday, 22 January 2018

Stay Motivated to study during the Holiday

One of the most difficult times to study is the holiday season. This is indeed the season for taking time off from all commitments during the rest of the year. No wonder, why it is a challenge to stay motivated to study during the holiday seasons. Here are a few ideas for you to achieve this feat!

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1 Check the timeline of your program

Keeping to a course schedule is an extremely important tool for staying motivated and being on track. It is necessary to check the timeline on a regular basis to ensure that you don’t fall behind.

You should have a healthy respect for timelines, as they are designed to guide you through programs. It will be great if you can finish tasks well ahead of their timelines!

2 Reward yourself always

This helps in giving you a positive reinforcement to your resolve. Reward yourself every time you finish something. Knowing that rewards await you will motivate you to tackle head-on hardships and achieve the study tasks. Holiday treats work really well!

3 Study together

Create chat sessions and forums to give your fellow students and your own self some extra support. Those who study once a week in a study group will get a more detailed understanding of the materials of the course, ask better questions, and be more involved in discussions.

One of the biggest motivation blockers is frustration. When collaborating with others, you can keep frustrations at bay.

4 Keep yourself reminded of the long-term goals

When you remind yourself often of what you wish to accomplish in the long term, you will be able to keep yourself well motivated. If you feel run-down, while preparing for a test or doing an assignment, think of the bigger picture to gain momentum.

5 Eliminate distractions

Distractions of any kind might rob you of precious time, and unconsciously you tend to postpone your studies. You should always be on guard to eliminate all distractions. It is best to complete quickly all your regular errands and other important tasks and make yourself ready for study.

6 Sync your learning with your pastimes

One of the best ways to make learning exciting is to indulge in activities that will suit your nature and are in agreement with your recreations. For instance, if drawing is your hobby, you should learn your lessons by using images or visualizing them to relate to certain topics.

If learning becomes fun, you will have no problem concentrating on your studies during the holiday!

7 Take breaks

It is always a good idea to take a break when you need it. Stopping at a logical point for a short unwinding is important. Never burn yourself out. You will find it a lot easier to complete a chapter or finish an assignment after a short break.

Divide your study session for the day in small periods. For instance, study for one hour, and then take a break for five to ten minutes to do a physical activity. This should help your brain reinvigorate and continue optimal function.

With just a little bit of reorganization, you can thus stay motivated for study during the holiday without missing the fun element.