Monday, 28 August 2017

Online Learning: 5 Ideas to overcome the Risk of Failure

The rate of retention for online schools is rather low. There are several reasons why so many students discontinue their online programs – school policies, cost per credit hour, inability to sustain motivation, difficulty in balancing hours for work, study and family and so on.

The inevitable consequence is failure in the exam, leading to dropping out of the program. Here are five ideas to overcome the risk of failure in online education.

1 Keeping in touch with instructors everyday

Working within a virtual setup can be intimidating for many students, particularly if they do not interact with their professors. Therefore, it is important to establish productive working relationships.
Make sure you ask for help anytime you have a question. The more you stay in touch with your professors, the more motivated you will be to work hard and complete your course successfully.

2 Creating support group of fellow online students

Another great way of staying motivated is to become part of a support group, comprising fellow online students. Create such a group to support one another to monitor individual progress. Ask and answer questions, attend to queries and keep the group very active.
If you have friends in the group that live close to your place, you can arrange for weekend meets to discuss and clear each other’s doubts. Creating support groups goes a long way in keeping your interest alive.

3 Carrying out self-assessment every week

Learn how to observe your own progress, track the knowledge and skills you keep acquiring, and discover the best way you can use them to succeed. To monitor your progress, you can give yourself a quick and continuous assessment every week.

Keep a record of your progress and accomplishments week by week. Be objectively critical about your progress so that you can have a clear idea of your strengths and weaknesses – where you stand firm academically and how much you have to work hard to improve.

4 Seeking feedback from professors and classmates

Do not be satisfied with a simple letter grade awarded. Ask your professors to give you substantial interactive feedback on your developmental needs. Request them to share with you their experience, expertise, and enlightening thoughts.

Interactive feedbacks open doors for appropriate follow-ups. Follow-through is particularly necessary if you feel you are struggling, not making enough progress, or repeating the same mistakes. You can ask your fellow students as well to help you improve. 5 Finding a mentor Any of your professors can lead the way for you and be your guide. An online school requires each instructor to keep track of the progress of students, and help them find the right resources when required. The mentor should teach them productive habits to tackle underperformance, and offer full support to boost their confidence and enhance their ability to perform. Without any hesitation, go ahead to find a mentor and seek guidance. Your instructors will be more than happy to help you!

Lastly, do not forget the major reason why you enrolled in the first place: furtherance of your career prospects and educational qualification. Remember! With the right kind of planning and prompt execution, it won’t be as hard for you to complete your online degree program, as you might imagine it to be, and that too with flying colors.