Sunday, 21 May 2017

Busting Myths About Online Learning

Despite the growing popularity of online learning, several misconceptions and myths surround it. Here are a few facts to dismiss the related wrong beliefs.

Myth #1: You can’t get good education online

Fact: The truth is that standards and quality of study and teacher-learner interaction may vary from one regular school to another. However, all good online academic institutions implement strict processes for designing online courses to make sure that they meet specific standards.

Moreover, reputed virtual schools that satisfy all norms are duly recognized by accrediting agencies. Potential employers in turn recognize an online certificate/diploma/degree from such an accredited institution.

Myth #2: Online learning is more expensive than traditional learning

Fact: The cost of college education is a crucial factor for the vast majority of people. Many individuals have the impression that online education is outrageously expensive: it is not at all true! So many online educational portals charge very reasonable tuition and other fees.

Myth #3: Those who learn online take things lightly

Fact: A big advantage of online learning is that it provides flexibility when it comes to scheduling. This makes it very appealing to those who work part-time or have heavy domestic obligations.

However, online students cannot afford to take things lightly. They are required to be highly motivated, self-disciplined, and primed for working independently. The demands on virtual students are just as much, and the study the same as in the case of their counter parts in regular colleges.

Apart from this, many online institutions are very strict about keeping the class size small, to enable teachers engage with their students personally, often one-on-one. The odds of taking the backseat, trying to avoid the teacher are very small for an online student.

Those who participate in online classes are continuously assessed in numerous ways:

1. Timed examinations and quizzes
2. Timed assignments
3. Posts from the discussion board
4. Group assignments
5. Evaluations

All these features of online education underscore the fact that online students cannot take things lightly.

Myth #4: It is very common to cheat in online classes

Fact: According to experts, students are just as likely to cheat in online settings as in traditional classes. In fact, virtual instructors have a range of effective tools that help them detect and prevent cheating.

They have software that helps check plagiarism and student authentication, and monitor closely the whole process of examination. In certain cases, students are required to take exams or tests at physical locations, or utilize the webcam.

Myth #5: There is often no interaction between online students and their teachers

Fact: Online students are required indeed to develop and employ good communication skills so that they can interact more often than not with their fellow students and instructors.

In fact, to ensure that they succeed and thrive in an online learning atmosphere, it is necessary for them to participate in classes and engage with classmates and teachers, using discussion boards, social media, Q&A sessions, email, and the like.

Online learning from a reputed portal is a great way to advance your knowledge and career! Make sure that you exploit to the fullest its advantages!