Thursday, 23 June 2016

What it Means for you to be an Early Childhood Educator

The growing field of early childhood education has exciting potentials of cherishable professional and personal experiences. If you desire to acquire a degree in early childhood education in order to seek a job, it is important that you enjoy working with kids; you should have a strong inclination to help them mature into responsible individuals.

A degree in early childhood education holds promises of a range of career choices. You can work with kids of different age groups, depending on your specialty. The age range is normally from one to eight years. You would consider a job in this field a privilege as you can radically influence and shape the lives of young minds.

Early childhood education: types of degrees

Early childhood education courses vary depending on the kind of degree you plan to pursue; also you can do courses in child development and growth, theory, application and guidance.

Many employers expect today an academic qualification of at least an associate degree or certificate in early childhood education for the jobs of preschool teachers, daycare workers, elementary school teachers, and kindergarten teachers.

Public elementary school teachers must possess a bachelor's or higher degree. Those aspiring school administration jobs should have a PhD or a master’s degree in early childhood education. Thus the higher the qualifications, the more promising would be the career opportunities for you.

Online degrees 

Several people desirous of holding firm positions of administrators and teachers opt for online education degrees in order to maintain their current jobs. This is especially useful to those who cannot afford to bear an employment gap, and to teachers who are expected by their districts to get an advanced degree in the course of a few years after getting hired.

Online degrees in early childhood education at almost every level, from a certificate to a PhD, are provided by recognized online universities and colleges. You can obtain from such an institution a degree of your choice to suit your preferences and convenience. 

Associate degrees and certificates

To qualify for an enrollment in an associate or certificate degree course in early childhood education, you should have either a GED equivalent or high school diploma. The diploma or certificate is a short-term course that teaches basic profession or industry specific skills.

An early childhood education certificate can help prepare you for an entry-level career in childcare. An associate degree, on the other hand, is more extensive; on completion, it can offer a wider array of career advancement options.

Bachelor's degree 

If your goal is to become a public school teacher, you should earn a bachelor's degree. The degree normally takes four years for completion. Apart from covering general education prerequisites, programs in bachelor's degree in early childhood education normally focus on instructional methods for pre-kindergarten to third grade.

Almost all degrees in early childhood education involve working with young children directly. This is the best career choice for you, if you think you have an inclination towards creating a bright future for the country in general and for the young kids in particular.