Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Early Childhood Education Technology: Some Trending Tools You should be Familiar with

Children, these days, are crazy about technology. And it’s extremely important to ensure that students are given enough exposure to learn how to use current technological tools. Early childhood education curriculum should integrate important technical skills too.

Such an education not only reinforces learning and student engagement, but also equips them for life and attractive career opportunities. Here are some trending technical tools that teachers can use to achieve better outcomes.


There are numerous interactive websites for children that provide tons of self-learning materials: such websites require little teacher help; those materials can charm kids, and keep them actively engaged both at home and school.

Educational video sites

There is no need for teachers anymore to search their school library or DVD collections: lots of educational videos are available with a couple of clicks of the mouse. Media sites such as YouTube, enables teachers to share instructional materials including audio recordings, videos, and photographs.

Enriching apps

Bringing iPads to the classroom is a great way to generate learning interest. There are quite a few popular applications for preschoolers like Alpha Tots, Beck and Bo, Bubble Guppies and Doodle Math. They are programmed to teach kids the alphabet, numerals, shapes and colors by grade level, age, and subject matter.


Apart from the high-interest texts that schools provide, teachers can also take advantage of websites featuring popular e-books online, such as TumbleBooks, Disney Digital Books, and the like. Storyline Online, a popular website that is run by the Screen Actors’ Guild Foundation contains videos of famous actresses and actors reading aloud for kids popular children’s books.

Collaborative Resources

Another popular source of learning for children is video chatting with children in other local schools, or those in other districts, countries and states. They can share thoughts with other students through the Internet. You can still encourage children to benefit from writing to pen pals. However, these websites offer a different level of cultural contact that is deeper than that of written communication.

Online behavior management systems

Online behavior management software can help in managing classrooms online. Such software can allow teachers to award points to students for display of higher order skills such as helping others, involved participation in activities, showing insight, exercising creativity, working meaningfully hard, and the like. The software can easily be accessed from a smart phone or tablet or even a school computer.

You should help your kids get the best from the latest technology. It’s extremely important for you to have a solid understanding of the features and functions of the newest tools, before you start making use of them.

One of the best ways to get properly trained in this area is to get enrolled in an early childhood education training course. These programs are designed to help you acquire the technology, and use it effectively for shaping young minds. For nurturing life-long learners in your classroom, you must be a life-long learner yourself.