Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The various features of Quality Child Care

Despite the differences in child care arrangements, there is much agreement among professionals on the features that quality child care must include to provide a nurturing environment that children deserve. High-quality child care is a result of several factors such as a safe and healthy environment and social and educational stimulation suitable to the age of the child.

Here are two of the most important elements that play a big role in offering young minds good quality education and care.

Teacher’s Qualities

The most significant relationship that children develop during their initial learning stages is with their teachers. Teachers who intermingle with their students in a patient and nurturing manner help in creating attachments between the students and themselves, the basis for future social development. As they involve young kids in conversations, respond to them and ask questions, they help them obtain language and cognitive skills. Not only do these instructors need proper knowledge about the developmental characteristics of the kids they teach, they must also understand how to offer enriching experiences to them, and be able to effectively communicate with the child’s parents in a warm and nurturing way.

Ideally, anyone who wants to teach young kids needs to have an academic background in child development. They must also continue to brush up on their skills and learn new flairs by attending workshops, conferences, reading the works of educational experts, and sharing information and ideas with colleagues. Taking part in such activities builds commitment to the field, and a greater compassion towards the needs of children.

There are several good colleges and educational institutions that offer certified courses for aspiring childhood educators as well as those who are already in this field and want to take their career to the next level. These short and long term degree courses can help enhance teaching skills and help the aspirants learn new techniques for handling kids. One such academic institution that offers top-quality, accredited courses is California College of Early Childhood Education. The college is known to offer both one-on-one and online classes for the convenience of their students.


Given the impact early years have on the social, physical, cognitive and emotional development of a child, another feature of a quality education is the curriculum. Teachers must know how to develop a curriculum that includes both scheduled and unplanned educational experiences that happen within the daily routine. Time should be designated for indoor and outdoor play. Large groups should be made for music, stories, movement, and for routines such as toileting, eating, and resting. A well-planned program will be able to meet all the needs of the children who are enrolled by considering their developmental levels, age, special needs, interests, and cultural background.

Even though quality child care programs might have different theoretical orientations, all agree on using a curriculum that helps in developing socialization and cognitive processes. A good college education on childhood education ensures that the teaching staff is equipped with the right knowledge and experience in creating the right curriculum that enables overall development.

For most children, child care is where they first learn how to interact with adults and children outside their families, and this indicates the start of community socialization. Exemplary child-care programs help in the overall development of children by ensuring positive social interactions.