Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Benefits of becoming an early childhood educator

Working in child care as an early childhood educator really does help in shaping the future of young children. High-quality nursery school and child care programs help children and parents reach their optimal potential. While parents gain the freedom and flexibility to chase their career goals, kids benefit from a stimulating and caring environment that helps in promoting their full development.

Experts believe that the first six years of a child are extremely influential. In cooperation with the parents, nursery school and child care programs staffed by professionally trained ECEs can have a big impact on how successful and happy a child is throughout the school years and as an adult.
The benefits
Although the biggest reward of working as an ECE is the impact you have on young minds, there are several other benefits of a career as an early childhood educator as well, including:-

1. Rising career opportunities for ECE's
Since there is a shortage of ECE’s, once you are done with your post-secondary training, there will be ample job opportunities waiting for you in different centers. You can also work toward becoming a director of a nursery school or child care center.
2. A range of career options than ever before
Now that scientific evidence supports the need for early childhood education, openings in related careers are growing tremendously. Apart from an educator, you can also consider becoming a child development counsellor or an early childhood education college instructor. You can even work with kids in women’s shelter.
3. Diversified work environment
To work as an early childhood educator in a licensed center, family child care home or nursery school gives you opportunities to work in extremely diverse and multicultural environments.
4. A chance to shape up the future
Becoming an early childhood educator helps communities, families and societies in general. When done in partnership with parents, it helps in laying down the foundation for a child’s future, and in turn offers to lay a secure foundation for the future of the society.
5. Chance to be adaptive and creative
Teachers of early childhood education are given the chance to be extremely creative and adaptive. They can use innovative ideas to motivate young children, and make learning fun. Hence, being an ECE is a great chance for you to grow and continuously come up with new ideas that will help you guide children through their early stages.
Are you ready to become an early childhood educator?
When deciding to take up ECE as a career, the most important question you need to ask yourself is: Do you like to work with kids? If your answer no, then this may not be best career for you. Working with kids requires a lot of dedication, sensitivity and patience. It can be exhausting to keep up with them, but if you’re ready for the challenge, this career can be extremely rewarding. You can take up certification programs from accredited colleges such as, California College of Early Childhood Education, to further your career in this field. 

However, it is important to understand that the needs of young children are unique. You are perhaps the first adult they will be interacting with outside of their own family. Separation from parents can be difficult in the beginning, and your duty will be to help them during the transitional stage. You will have to learn to adapt to the emotional reactions of your young students and support them accordingly.