Thursday, 25 July 2013

5 Awesome Things about Being a Preschool Teacher

The vocation of a preschool teacher is a most rewarding one. There are few others that can provide such a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction as being an early childhood educator. Of course, each individual will weigh and quantify the rewards of the profession in accordance with his or her own imperatives and values. However, there are a few that are common to all such teachers and are accepted as being among the most awesome and rewarding aspects of being a preschool teacher.

1. A preschool teacher must have a huge amount of patience, creativity, enthusiasm and a love for children. The needs of the children and the expectations of the parents must be understood. The specific needs of each child placed in the teacher’s care must be catered for. To be able to do all this means growing to be the best you can be and when you reach that stage, you cannot help but feel great.

2. Dealing with young children every day demands a great deal of mental alertness and wisdom. This is not just the learning that is gotten from books (which is important) but also the wisdom that comes with experience. A preschool teacher is a leader and in charge of the toddlers entrusted to him or her. A great deal of responsibility is given to a preschool teacher and the satisfaction that this provides is huge.

3. Children are often wise beyond their years and the way they look at the world is very different from that of adults. This does not mean that it is less knowledgeable – just that it is different. Working with young children keeps you tuned in to their way of thinking and allows you to look at the world the way they do. When you can do this – combine the insights of youth with the wisdom of age and experience – you have been given a great gift. You can see and evaluate your world from multiple perspectives and that is a truly wonderful thing.

4. The trust that is reposed in you as a preschool teacher is amazing. Parents entrust you with not just the safety and care of their children, but more importantly, with their futures. For a parent there is nothing as important as the wellbeing of their children and they will never entrust the kids to a person about whom they are unsure. The fact that you are a preschool teacher means that you are the kind of person that parents can trust and rely on. Not only this, you are the person they feel will give their children the fundamentals that will allow them to grow and progress in their later years.

5. Finally there is the awesome feeling of being a participant, in the most important way, in building tomorrow. As a preschool teacher you are shaping the minds and attitudes of your children and your influence on them is as much as their parents. This gives you immense power because it is these children who will inherit the world and shape the future and they will do it under the influence of what you taught them and the attitudes you inculcated in them. Without your inputs and guidance, these children would be rudderless ships with no objectives and directions in life.

There may be many more glamorous professions in the world. and many that offer greater financial rewards or fame but there are few that offer the kind of satisfaction and feeling of being a valuable member of society as that of a preschool teacher. It’s an awesome feeling.

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